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We're All Mad Here - Pink - 3 Charm Choices - Fancy Retractable Badge Holder


There are now 3 options!

Option 1 - Cheshire cat charm (1.3 inches) by itself
Option 2 - You'll receive 3 Antique silver colored charms including a larger clock (around 22mm) and smaller rabbit and teapot with cup (around 15mm).
Option 3 - Cheshire Cat Plus 2 Silver Charms. You'll receive the Cheshire cat charm (1.3 inches), along with a teapot with cup and small clock charm (around 15mm).

Image is set on a beautiful pendant with an epoxy dome to help protect it. While it is water resistant it is not water proof so do not submerge in water. Let me know if you have any questions.

This quality retractable reel is 1.25" (choice of slide or swivel alligator clip) and extends approximately 34 inches. The center image is 1 inch.

* Retractable Badge Reel Option
- You have a choice of a black belt slide clip or black alligator swivel clip (see image 4).
- Belt Slide Clip does not swivel and clips on belt, etc. This option lays flatter than the alligator clip. Has a cord length of approximately 34 inches.
- Alligator Swivel Clip has 360 degree swivel and can clip at any angle. The cord length is approximately 34 inches.
- Overpulling beyond length of cord can cause the reel to break down faster. They are designed to hold 1-2 badges and a small object such as a key or pen. Putting too much weight on the reel will cause the cord to not retract.