Frequently Asked Questions


What is flat rate shipping?

Whether you buy 1, 2, 3 or more items, shipping stays the same! Orders over $35 receive free shipping!  Must ship to same address.

How big are the buttons?

The buttons are one and a half inches round and they are available in a pin, magnet or badge reel. Please note, the pin and magnet options are not badge reels.

What can I do with a button magnet?

I use neodymium magnets which are small and very strong. I glue them inside the button. They are great for your fridge, locker or other magnetic surface. Please note, the magnets are not badge reels.

What can I do with a button pin?

They can go on hats, lanyards, clothing, backpacks, etc. Great way to express yourself! Please note that the pins are NOT badge reels.

When I receive a shipping notification has my order actually been shipped that day?

Absolutely! I will not print a shipping label unless your order has been completed. Packages are taken to the post office shortly after printing the label. I have noticed that our local post office does not always immediately scan packages so it may take 24-48 hours for an update.

What if I need a larger quantity than listed for an item?

Please don't hesitate to message me. Many times I am able to update the listing and adjust the quantity.

Are your items already put together and ready to ship?

Everything is made to order but I have a very fast processing time of 1-3 business days. Most items even ship in 1-2 business day!