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Dragon Scales - Fancy Retractable Badge Holder - 3 Dragon Options

This listing is for one retractable badge reel. The dragon scales are a carved resin cabochon placed on an antique silver colored pendant. This is my darkest scale cabochon with blue, green and gold/yellow hues. Please look through my pictures for a better representation. Comes with a dragon charm and 2 drop beads.

THERE ARE 3 DRAGON CHARMS TO PICK FROM - SEE IMAGES for Size Comparison. The drop down menu will also show the different options.

Side Dragon - Image 1
Wing Spread Smaller Dragon - Image 2
Largest Dragon with Wing Spread - Image 3

This quality retractable reel is 1.25" and extends approximately 34 inches. The center dragon scales are approximately 1 inch.

* Retractable Badge Reel Option
- You have a choice of a black belt slide clip or black alligator swivel clip (see image 5).
- Belt Slide Clip does not swivel and clips on belt, etc. This option lays flatter than the alligator clip. Has a cord length of approximately 34 inches.
- Alligator Swivel Clip has 360 degree swivel and can clip at any angle. The cord length is approximately 34 inches.
- Overpulling beyond length of cord can cause the reel to break down faster. They are designed to hold 1-2 badges and a small object such as a key or pen. Putting too much weight on the reel will cause the cord to not retract.

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