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Autistic/Neurodiversity - Set of 4 - Choose Magnets or Pins


You will receive a set of 4 strong neodymium magnet buttons or pins as shown. The magnets are set inside the 1.5 inch flat back buttons so you do not see them (see image 2 for example).   The image is printed on high quality paper and placed on button with a Mylar cover so they are easy to wipe clean.

**Please note that these are not badge reels.

Pins are great for backpacks, shirts, hats, lanyards, etc., and Magnets are great for lockers, most fridges, magnetic white boards or other magnetic surfaces.

Warning! Strong magnets should be kept away from monitors, bank cards, computers, televisions, mobile phone and those with pacemakers, etc.

Do not allow children to play with magnets unsupervised as they could get injured if swallowed.

Additional Info:
- The images are enlarged to show greater detail.
- Images are digitally created so actual product will appear slightly lighter and shinier due to mylar cover.
- Color may vary in real life due to your monitor's color settings.